July 2, 2015

IN Search of Spice

in search of spiceIn Search of Spice is an epic historical fantasy romance, set in a world similar to 12th century Europe. The Queen Rose is the first deep sea ship built in Harrhein, a country cut off from the rest of the world by snow and ice to the north and pirates to the east. In every other direction is endless ocean.

Captain Larroche is the veteran master of the carrack, charged with finding a new trade route. He wants to find the fabled land of Hind and proposes to sail over the edge of the world. No wonder he has trouble finding crew.

The young people he assembles, strengthened by a squad of frontier veteran Royal Pathfinders, are more than a match for known enemies.

How will they handle people of another colour, with strange habits, peculiar food, treacherous officials, different languages and customs that defy belief?

Will they escape the pirates? Will they find trading opportunities? Will they ever return?

What will happen to Harrhein during their absence?

Route of Queen Rose

Route of Queen Rose



Put this epic novel on your reading list. It’s an absolutely cracking read and you learn so much about ancient cultures, customs and civilisations.
Highly recommended indeed.
(can you recall me ever recommending a book before now? No you cannot. But this is special. Trust me and buy it today.)
— Andy Russell, English teacher

One of those books that is hard to put down. The chapters are a little too long, and you don’t want to stop, so hard to read when you have just a short break. I confess I stayed up late to finish it the day I bought it, and with 450 odd pages, that took some doing.
It starts slowly, but is nonetheless gripping, rapidly gaining pace. While there are a lot of characters, they are not confusing and each stands out in his or her own way. Not one acted in a manner that was jarring, and all spoke as I expected. The battle scenes were particularly good and really made you feel you were there, confident of the outcome but unsure at the same time.
— First Amazon review, 25/6/15